The Minister of Jihad-Agricultural has emphasized on the need for revolutionary action in producing oil and rapesead meal in the country

According to a report from the information center of the ministry of Jihad- Agriculture, Mahoud Hojjati, to mobilize for the production of oil and rapeseed meal cultivation, has mentioned that: there are three to four million hectares of dry land for wheat cultivation that can be considered for cultivating rapeseed.




He also added that: There is a huge potential for rapeseed production in the country. Production of rapeseed from in 2014 was about 30 to 40 thousand tons, which has now reached about 450 thousand ton.

But by considering current harsh sanctions against our mother-land, we must reduce our dependence to other countries in oil, and animal feed in poultry, through cultivating million hectares of our land for producing this kind of agricultural products.

Hojjati has also mentioned that in cold regions such as Azerbaijan, Kurdistan, Hamedan, Kermanshah, Qazvin, Alborz, Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari, Markazi, and part of Lorestan, rapeseed can be planted as seedlings.

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