1st International and 4th National Conference on Conservation of Natural Resources & Environment

Conference Topics:

1-Management of Natural Resources & Environment

2- Role of Watershed in Integrated Management of Natural Resources & Environment

3-National and Local Experiences in Promoting Socio-Economic Preferment and Alternative Livelihoods

4-Ecoturism and its role in promoting Socio-Economic Preferment of Utilizer’s Situation

5- Dynamic, Modification and Restoration of Forest and Rangeland Biosystems

6-Paterns for Evaluation and Reduction of Water, Soil, and Air Pollutions

7-Management and Application of Lignocellulose Resources  

8- Rules and Legal Issues of Natural Resources and Environment Protection

9-Monitoring, Forecasting, and Modeling of Natural Resources and Environment Challenges

10-Modern and Spatial and Nano Technologies in Natural Resources and Environment

11-Ecosysyems of Ardabil Province, and Importance of Their Protection 

Conference Date: 27th and 28th of Aug. 2019

Full Paper Submission Deadline: 6th of July 2019

Registration Deadline: 6th of July 2019

Conference Venue: University of Mohaghegh Ardabili (UMB ), Tehran, Iran, Daneshgah Street, 56199-11367, Ardebil, Iran

Phone Number: 098-45-33505146

Fax Number: 098-45-33512204

Website: http://envpro.uma.ca.ir

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