Sour cherries




Historical background:

The cherries are native to southwest Asia and Europe, and the major cultivation areas of this crop in the world are circuits 25 to 45 degrees north and south of the earth. Cherries are very similar to cherries in botany. The cherry is scientifically known as Prunus cerasus from the genus Prunus, the Rosaceae family and the if a subfamily of Prunus.


Major Producer Provinces:

Khorasan Razavi (22%), East Azarbaijan (11%), Tehran (8%), Kurdistan (7%), Alborz (6%), West Azarbaijan (6%), Qazvin (6%), Golestan (15%), Semnan (6%) and Isfahan (5%) are the major provinces which produce cherry in Iran.


Target countries of export markets:

Russia, United Arab Emirates, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Qatar, Afghanistan, Kazakhstan, Iraq, India, and Bahrain.



Rate of production:

The country's cherry production is about 116,000 tons per year.


Area under cultivation:

According to the Census of the Ministry of Agriculture Jihad in 2017, the cultivation area of ​​cherry orchards in the country was 21.20 thousand hectares, 85.4% of which was cultivated by fertile trees and 14.6% by seedling. Out of 21,20 thousand hectares of fertile cherry trees in Iran, 99.53% of it is irrigated and the rest is rainfed.


Global Production Rank:

Iran ranks sixth in terms of production after Russia, Poland, Turkey, Ukraine and the United States.


Export rate:

According to Iranian customs statistics, the export of cherries amounted to 1598 tons, valued 1676 thousand dollars.



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